Centralwings ceased trading in 2009. This airline was a subsidiary of the larger LOT Polish Airlines competed with other Central European budget carriers such as SkyEurope and Wizz Air.
Centralwings' attractive red and white bird logo is thought to be based on the skua, a predatory bird which excels at fighting off its rivals. Sadly it was not the only airline which failed in their fight for survival other Polish airlines have also struggled. Former charter airline Air Polonia used to offer 6 routes to Poland from London Stansted but suspended flights in December 2005, leaving opportunities open for others.
Centralwings started flying in February 2005 and ended in spring 2009 they had flight hubs at Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow airports.

Centralwings Routes and Destinations

Centralwings' flew from Poland and did include destinations in Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Malta and Portugal. From the UK, Centralwings' had flights from 3 airports. From Edinburgh with flights to Gdansk, Katowice and Warsaw 2-3x weekly. From London Gatwick: flights to Krakow and Warsaw 6x weekly. From London Stansted: flights to Warsaw 4-5x weekly. In the Republic of Ireland, Centralwings flies from Shannon (to Gdansk, Katowice, Warsaw); from Dublin (to Gdansk, Katowice, Szczecin, Wroclaw); from Cork (Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw).

Historical information on the airline service

Booking Flights were booked via the Centralwings website, by telephone or travel agent. Online reservation was ticketless and confirmed by email or fax, print off the page with booking number. Children under 2 travelled free on parent's lap.
Seats Aircraft seats were all allocated during check-in at the airport.
Food Meals and drinks were not included in the flight price. A good variety of hot or cold drinks, sandwiches and sweets could be purchased on board for a reasonable price. Free small snacks were included on some flights.
Baggage Maximum baggage allowance was 20 kg. per person, hand luggage 5 kg p.p. Sports equipment such as bicycles, snow/surfboard, golf clubs, skis did cost 15 but wheelchairs were free.
Check-In Deadline was a minimum of 60 minutes beforehand.
Flight Changes Name or date changes were possible up to 2 hours before a flight, costs are 15 per change plus any price differences, (flight changes are not applicable to all fares, details from the Call Centre). Cancelled flights are not refundable.
Aircraft (March 2006) Centralwings uses 2 Boeing 737-300 and 5 Boeing 737-400 (140 seats). An 8th Boeing 737 is soon to be renovated and put into operation.

Latest News

March 2009 Stops all services.
April 2007 Two new routes launched from Ireland: Shannon - Katowice and Cork - Warsaw, 3x weekly.
March 2006 Centralwings aims to carry 1.5 million passengers in 2006 and increase its aircraft fleet to 10 Boeing 737s.
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